Dr Bola Odepidan, Housing Development in Africa

Housing production in Africa has not kept pace with population and job growth in either quantity or location. With demand for housing greatly outpacing supply, prices have skyrocketed.

Dr Liam Fox, Shadow Defence Secretary

The British military is overstretched, undermanned and suffering from a decade of neglect by the current Labour Government. We have a Treasury which is heavily influencing how the campaign is conducted in Helmand and we have a procurement programme that for all intents and purposes has failed. The top 19 major procurement projects have gone over budget by a total of £2.95bn and are cumulatively 429 months delayed.

Sad Death of Czech Ambassador

The Ambassador for the Czech Republic who came to address us at the end of January has very sadly died suddenly.

The Rt Hon William Hague MP becomes our Patron

CFCC Members are thrilled, honoured and delighted that William Hague has just become our new Patron. At our last AGM we decided to write to William Hague inviting him to become our Patron and he has now responded in positive terms.

Annual Diplomatic Summer Party 2008

The Annual Diplomatic Summer Party 2008, hosted by Sir Ron on behalf of the Conservative Foreign and Commonwealth Council was successful.

Lord Howe commends The Commonwealth

When the Commonwealth conference opens in Uganda today, the Queen, Gordon Brown, the Prince of Wales and about 50 other leaders from Britain's former empire will be present. This unique gathering is damned by some as an outdated relic of the age of colonialism. But Lord Howe, who as Sir Geoffrey Howe, served as Margaret Thatcher's Foreign Secretary between 1983 and 1989, said that the Commonwealth was an "important asset" for Britain and every other member state.

ConservativeHome website Post

The purpose of the Conservative Foreign & Commonwealth Council is to promote greater understanding among different countries and cultures in a safe, just and prosperous world. 

Annual Diplomatic Garden Party 2005

Chairman of the CFCC, Sir Ronald Halstead CBE hosted the Annual Diplomatic Garden Party 2005, on behalf of the Conservative Foreign and Commonwealth Council. 

Tsunami Disaster - Message from the Shadow Cabinet

The response of the British people to the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in South East Asia has been overwhelming. What is now important is to ensure that these donations and the money committed to the relief effort by the Government is spent in the most effective way. We believe that the Government should now put a final figure on the amount of money they will make available for the relief and reconstruction efforts and which budgets this money will be taken from. I have also called for the money which has been set aside by the Government to be placed in a ring-fenced fund so that clear plans can be made for investment in the long-term reconstruction of the afflicted areas.