Global Britain and the Commonwealth with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and the Commonwealth All Party Parliamentary Group

The Meeting with Peers and MPs focussed on how we can connect with the Commonwealth as a global Britain.  Rehman Chishti MP opened the event and stressed we need to interconnect with the Commonwealth.  Andrew Rosindell MP, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Commonwealth spoke eloquently of the virtues of the Commonwealth He said:  

Our friends and family in the Commonwealth of Nations share a great many traits with us: our Common Law, heritage, values and freedoms. The values enshrined the Commonwealth have paramount in the success of its component nations to secure and maintain democracy, freedom and human rights. The Commonwealth of Nations needs to be leveraged and strengthened now that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, so that these values may expand across the world and work toward a better future.

Rt Hon the Lord Hamilton of Epsom introduced Jacob Rees-Mogg MP as key speaker.  A fascinating talk followed about Brexit and the Commonwealth centring on Jacob's extensive business interests and expansion into emerging markets.  Jacob Rees-Mogg MP