The Rt Hon The Baroness Chalker of Wallasey

Baroness Lynda Chalker spoke about African affairs:  "Never dull, the African Continent will always challenge the developed World".

This was a broad-ranging highly informative upbeat briefing about the great potential for Africa, from the founder of Africa Matters .

Lynda Chalker established the Chalker Foundation for Africa in response to the need to develop and support medical knowledge and training on the African continent.  The work of the Foundation is underpinned by the financial and in-kind support of Africa Matters Limited, the African business development advisory group that she founded in 1997.

The Chalker Foundation supports health and community programmes in Africa. We focus on the creation of strategic partnerships between businesses and charities. These partnerships are committed to using their combined skills, expertise and funds towards empowering African communities. We also fund training projects for health and community workers. Our aim is to encourage the creativity, passion and talent of local people to help them achieve their own development goals.

Our Mission is to achieve positive and sustainable health outcomes for all people in sub-Saharan Africa by working in partnership with organisations that invest in the training of health workers and developing local knowledge and skills in the community.