High Commissioner of the Republic of Mozambique

Allow me to begin my deep appreciation to the Council for the kind invitation to come and speak. I wish also to thank you for taking the time to be here and for your interest in my country, Mozambique. We do not take this for granted and we will always seek best ways of keeping this partnership alive.

Albert A Poggio OBE, UK Representative of Gibraltar

Mr Poggio gave a wide-ranging talk about some of the 'theatres' that Gibraltar is involved in as well as the three pillars of the economy: tourism, retail shopping and financial services. "Gibraltar is booming" he said.

Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is first of all a smaller country, than Western Balkan country, Southeastern European Country and European country in accordance with the whole foreign policy is formed and conducted.

Funeral of Rt Hon Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven LG, OM, FRS

A cool mist hung in the air. I felt a tangible sense of occasion, complemented by the hushed and curious crowd gathered three or four deep. With heart beating fast, threading my way through the packed throngs I collected my ticket and noted Boris Johnson walking past in his unmistakable and distinctive way.

Britain and the Making of Argentina

Gordon Bridger was born and brought up in Argentina , 3rd and 4th generation British. Trained as an economist at the London School of Economics, and Manchester University. Served as an economist in Federation of Rhodesia and Nysaland then with the United Nations Economic Commissions for Africa and the UN Economic Commission for Latin America before joining the Ministry of Overseas Development as a Senior Economic Adviser and subsequently Economics Director of country programmes. Author of How I Failed to Save the World and Britain and the Making of Argentina.

Israeli Diplomat and Bedouin

Born into a poor, traditional Bedouin village in northern Israel, Ishmael Khaldi grew to become Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat. In this short book, he tells a remarkable story of transformation, from his modest village roots to his triumph as a diplomat and voice of reason in the Middle East. His road has not been an easy one. From his early days as a sheep herder, to his schoolboy "fights" with Arab kids [fellahin= farmers], his terrifying first forays into the mysterious New York subway system, and his later remarkable friendships with secular and religious Jews and Muslims on two continents, Ishmael’s life has been full of adventure and pathos, humour and love. This is a story that will inspire, educate, and charm, told with authenticity and passion, as only a Bedouin can tell it!

Taiwan Representative

From Hong Kong Handover to Diaoyutai Islands Dispute: East Asian relations based on Taiwan’s Diplomatic Archives.

Rt Hon William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary

CFCC Patron, Rt Hon William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary, was welcomed at the British Academy on 16 October 2012 to address a distinguished audience of academics, ambassadors and FCO members of staff on the vision of Britain’s diplomatic tradecraft in the 21st century

Ambassador of The Philippines

It is truly a distinct pleasure to join you this evening. I would like to thank the Conservative Foreign and Commonwealth Council (CFCC), especially Chairman Sir Ronald Halstead, for giving me this opportunity to share with you the latest developments in the Philippines and how we see ourselves and our role in our region and the global community of nations.