Estonia Ambassador

HE Mr Lauri Bambus, Ambassador of Estonia, gave an excellent talk about progress in Estonia and in particular on E-Commerce and E-Residency.

Israel Embassy

Mr. Eitan Na'eh, Israel's Deputy Ambassador to the United Kingdom, gave a speech on "The Road to Peace 1993-2014  what went wrong" and also answered questions on trade, civil defence, oil fields, immigration among many other issues.   

South Georgia Association

Professor David Drewry, Chairman of the South Georgia Association, spoke eloquently about the history of this fascinating island covering its natural and cultural heritage.

Bolivian Ambassador

Excellent Ambassador of Bolivia briefing encompassing international relations.

IMAN Foundation dinner

Founder & Chairman of IMAN Foundation, Ribal Al-Assad, gave a fascinating overview covering the last few years to promote dialogue, challenge extremism and bring change to the Middle East and North Africa in particular.

Ambassador of Luxembourg

Wide-ranging talk touching on centuries of distinguished Royal history up to present day strong European allegiances by the Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

Victoria Holdsworth, Commonwealth Secretariat

A summary of the work of the Commonwealth Secretariat,  Lord Rosebery's Commonwealth of Nations, now known as The Commonwealth since 1949, is the 'most diverse organisation in the world'.

Mauritania Head of Mission

Excellent speech delivered by the Mauritania Head of Mission, describing Mauritania as the melting pot of civilisation.

Jacques Arnold

Jacques Arnold spoke about 'Britain in the 21st Century World'.He concentrated on the European angle which led to lively debate to balance his arguments.